What is web hosting?

In order for your website to be live to the world wide web, it needs to be stored on a competer (server) so all the files and pages that make up your site can be visible to the world. A web host is usually a company who stores mutliple websites (for a fee) on their servers, and then allows the world to view your website.

A web host needs to be chosen carefully based on the needs of your website. Sites with high traffic, large amounts of data or shopping pages, should be placed on servers with larger hosting companies to ensure that your data is handled correctly. 

At Empire Advertising & Design, we have worked with dozens of web site hosting companies over the years.

We offer in-house hosting on our dedicated server to clients who take advantage of our monthly Search Engine Optimization and Website Maintenance plans.

We can also provide you with recommendations on hosting through our affiliate program with Bluehost.

Please contact Empire for more information on hosting your website through us or with Bluehost.